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Oasis Network Inc is a tax-exempt not-for-profit Christian outreach with various aspects that come together to complete a holistic approach to the problems present in today’s society. In regards to homeless, needy, and at-risk children, working with various entities and agencies to make opportunities available and secure relationships that promote a healthy overall respect for self and others. Our programs and partnerships include feeding the homeless and needy, working with at-risk youth to encourage respect of self, peers, and authority, support for entities that work with victims of abuse and persecution.

Our ministry has been self-supported, but with the recent rise of homeless and needy, victims of abuse of various kinds and persecution, more demand for our services has been made, and has made it necessary to seek additional funding.
It is estimated that a rise for additional services in all the aforementioned areas in the next 5 years and beyond will be needed.

Our ministry’s intentions are to get out ahead of the issues and provide the necessary means and guidance to help individuals and families gain a foothold on eliminating these issues that keep them from securing their futures.

Our services not only provide for physical short-term issues, but through our many partnerships (such as Exodus Recovery, Inc, which provides for mental health issues), we address mental, psychological, and spiritual issues as well. According to LA Homeless Services Authority, more than 5,000 of the county’s 58,000 homeless are children, and 4,000 are elderly. About one-third are mentally ill. It is well documented that nutrition plays a major part in regard to mental health. We give special attention to the food we serve to those on the streets and elsewhere. Currently, we are working to obtain facilities to better meet a variety of needs and services for those most vulnerable, as well as create job opportunities and training to secure their futures.

We appreciate your interest in our ministry. If you wish to support us monetarily, please mail your check of tax-deductible donation to:

Oasis Network Inc.
PO Box 1598
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Thank you and God Bless!

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